Cagin a Copycat

Behavioral Analysis Unit, Book .5

In order to catch a killer
They have to face their past.

Her toxic former boss is dead – murdered in a copycat crime that mirrors the case FBI agent Olivia Branson solved years ago. The case that tore apart her partnership with Agent Silas Hart. Now Silas is on Olivia’s turf, insisting she’s the target of a serial killer. Despite their strained past, their only choice is to trust each other and find the killer before another agent dies.

Caging a Copycat

"I devoured it!"

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Caging a Copycat

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Short Excerpt

  “I see you’re still scaring off rookies. Federal and local alike.” That voice. His voice. It tunneled through her leather jacket and penetrated deep into bone. Smooth and rough at the same time, deep, with the ability to heighten her senses with a single word.

  Olivia rose to her feet and turned to face him. Silas Hart. Black hair waved just above his ears, an equally dark beard and mustache hiding the sharp angles of his face. Strong brows fought to bury the shape of his eyes, but she didn’t have to get closer to know the finer details of his face. She’d memorized them a long time ago. The pitch-black suit framing him so perfectly hid solid muscle beneath all that soft fabric, but despite the urge, she knew better than to reach out and touch. “Agent Hart, I didn’t realize you were assigned this investigation.”

  “For the time being.” Her former partner closed the distance between them, and every nerve ending she owned shot into awareness. Silas’s voice dropped into whispered territory. “You and I both know why Grant Harvey was targeted, Liv. You’ve seen bodies like this.”

  “Is that why you’re here?” Defensiveness heated her neck and face. “To take credit for another one of my cases?”

  “No.” He leaned in close, his mouth pressed against her ear. Too close. “I’m here to make sure you walk away from this alive.”