Midnight Abduction

Tactical Crime Division, Book #3

For the Tactical Crime Division, no case is left cold.

When Benning Reeves’ twins are kidnapped, the frantic father knows who can help: the TCD and Ana Ramirez. Even if Ana once shattered Benning’s heart, the special agent's the only one he can trust. But Ana’s still tormented by the unresolved case that brought them together years before--a case somehow entangled with Benning’s children. It’s up to TCD and Ana to discover why… before it’s too late.

Midnnight Abduction

"“…a wild and incredible chase and battle of will and wits!

– Bookbub review

Midnnight Abduction

Short Excerpt

They warned him not to go to the police.
  He couldn’t think. Couldn’t breathe.
  Forcing one foot in front of the other, he tried to ignore the gut-wrenching pain at the base of his skull where the kidnapper had slammed him into his kitchen floor and knocked him unconscious. Owen. Olivia. They were out there. Alone. Scared. He hadn’t been strong enough to protect them, but he wasn’t going to stop trying to find them. Not until he got them back.
  A wave of dizziness tilted the world on its axis, and he collided with a wooden street pole. Shoulder-length hair blocked his vision as he fought to regain balance. He’d woken up a little less than fifteen minutes ago, started chasing after the taillights of the SUV as it’d sped down the unpaved road leading into town. He could still taste the dirt in his mouth. They couldn’t have gotten far. Someone had to have seen something…
  Humidity settled deep into his lungs despite the dropping temperatures, sweat beading at his temples as he pushed himself upright. Moonlight beamed down on him, exhaustion pulling at every muscle in his body, but he had to keep going. He had to find his kids. They were all he had left. All that mattered.