Mountain Murder

Heroes with Heat and Heart Anthology

Whispering Pines Ranch was supposed to be safe. Now it’s a crime scene.

Lance Whitcher lost everything when he came home from his last tour. After hitting rock bottom, he made the choice to find help at a vet recovery center in the middle of the Colorado mountains. But he never expected to become a bodyguard. Losing a patient forced Audrey Perrogni out of her trauma therapy practice and to confront her own needs for once. Whispering Pines promised healing, but finding a body in the middle of the woods wasn’t part of the plan. As a killer closes in, the past threatens to take control. And Audrey and Lance have no choice but to trust one another to survive.

Mountain Murder
Mountain Murder

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Short Excerpt

     “You don’t have to be here.” The mountain of stability and silence stared out over the clearing. Lance hadn’t left her side since she’d run face-first into his chest, and for that, she felt more put together than she should have as a member of their group was loaded into a plain white van. She could still feel his hand in hers. The warmth deep in her tendons, the hitch of calluses in her palm. His hold on her had been real and reliable and the only thing she’d been able to count on in those terrorizing moments when she though she might die. As though his presence was all she’d needed to get through this. “We can go back to the ranch. Get you something to eat.”

     Made sense. In her practice as a trauma therapist, she’d tried to recruit family members, friends, coworkers even, to support her patients in their healing journey. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t. Either way, recovery wasn’t achieved alone. No matter how much the urge to isolate clawed through her. “I’m not hungry.”