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The Vanishing Wife

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The Girl Who Survived

Leigh Brody FBI Mystery

The Girl Who Survived

Hunting Grounds

Run, Run, Seek
Over the Flames
Into the Veins
Bits and Pieces
View From Above
Study in Color
Art in Blood
Dirt is Thicker
Hunting Grounds Boxset

Cold Grounds


New Mexico Guard Dogs

K-9 Security
K-9 Detection
K-9 Shield

Defenders of Battle Mountain

Grave Danger
Dead Giveaway
Dead on Arrival
Presumed Dead
Over Her Dead Body
Dead Again

Blackhawk Security Series

Rules in Rescue
Rules in Blackmail
Rules in Rescue
Caught in the Crossfire
The Line of Duty
Survival on the Summit

Marshal Law Series

The Search
The Fugitive
The Witness
The Prosecutor
The Suspect

Search and Rescue Series

Search and Rescue
Search and Protect
Search and Defend
Search and Pursue
Search and Destroy
Fatal Rescue

Harlequin Intrigue Continuities

Midnight Abduction
Last Resort
Caging a Copycat
Profiling a Killer

Heroes with Heat and Heart Anthology

Mountain Murder