The Witness

Marshal Law, Book #2

She's not out of danger...even with his 24/7 protection.

Checking in on his witness in protective custody, marshal Finn Reed finds Camille Goodman fighting an attacker. Has the Carver come back to finish what he started? Finn is determined to keep the strong-willed redhead alive...and keep his professional distance. But as barriers between them fall, a serial killer's twisted game plays out—one that the deputy and his fearless witness may not win.

The Witness

"The twists and turns in this book keeps you guessing till the very end!"

- Bookbub review

The Witness

Short Excerpt

  Movement registered from the tree line thirty yards across the property, hiking his pulse into overdrive. The shadows somehow seemed thicker than they had before he’d gone inside, as though there was something beyond the trees his eyes couldn’t lock onto. Or someone. Finn rounded to the passenger side of the SUV, settled Camille in her seat and pulled his loaded backup weapon from the center console.
  “It’s him, Finn.” Strain was evident in her words. She closed her eyes, tilting her head back against the seat as though intending to fall asleep. “He wants to finish what he started.”
  Turning away from the invisible threat, he strapped the seat belt across her midsection. Her T-shirt peeled from her bloodied skin at the collar and revealed deep, straight gouges carved into the puckered scarring from that first attack a year ago. Hell. “Then he’ll have to come through me.”