Presumed Dead

Defenders of Battle Mountain, Book #4

Their shared history could be their undoing.

Forced to partner up, reserve officer Kendric Hudson and missing persons agent Campbell Dwyer work a baffling abduction case that gets more dangerous with each new revelation. As they battle a mounting threat, they must trust one another with their deepest secrets. But the truth they uncover could leave them lucky to escape with their lives…

Dead on Arrival

"A rollercoaster!"

- Bookbub review

Short Excerpt

    “Not with a bullet in his chest,” an all-too-familiar voice said from behind. “His lung was on the verge of collapse in the ambulance on the way to Grand Junction. Unfortunately for us, Elliot Bryon won’t be saying anything for a while.”

    Ice clawed through Kendric’s veins. He turned to face the blonde investigator capable of castrating a man with a single glare of those cerulean blue eyes. The form-fitting pantsuit did nothing to hide a lean, feminine frame Kendric had tried to forget. Waves of silk hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back, and his fingers curled in memory of what they’d felt like in his hands.

    Campbell Dwyer scanned the room as though he didn’t even exist. Then again, he’d made it perfectly clear when he’d left Loveland, that he couldn’t. Not in her life. She’d had her sights on transferring out of her small-time investigative duties for Larimer’s sheriff’s department, and as a bomb tech barely hanging onto his own skin, he hadn’t fit into that plan. He’d done what he’d thought was best. For both of them. “Detective Dwyer. I wasn’t aware Colorado’s Bureau of Investigations had an interest in small-town abductions. Isn’t that a little beneath your pay grade?”

    “Isn’t playing cop in a town nobody’s heard of beneath yours?”