Search and Rescue Series

Blackhawk Security's Search and Rescue division, comprised of specialists ranging from local police to military snipers, will stop at nothing to protect its clients. Every member of the firm is on the front line of defense to recover their assignments, but there's more at stake than saving lives. They must fight for their futures.

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Search and Rescue
Search and Protect
Search and Defend
Search and Pursue
Search and Destroy
Fatal Rescue

Praise for the series

"...full of action and it's fast paced and with enough suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time you're reading! Nichole sure delivers on this one!"

- - Janelle, Goodreads reviewer

"A very enjoyable, edge-of-your-seat, thrilling, intense ride!”

– Bookbub review

"...packs a punch with a heroine who can take care of herself and a hero who is made to protect, even with a past that haunts him."

- Advanced reader review