Search and Destroy

Search and Rescue, Book #5

A military ambush ripped them apart.
An abduction will prove they’re more than friends.

Assigned to recover stolen weapon schematics for her latest client, Search and Rescue operative Emerson Blake has located her target. Only to discover the man on the other end of her rifle is the best friend she buried six months ago. Confronted by the fallout of their last mission, she’ll do whatever it takes to help him recover the weapon’s creator: his sister.

The work Heber Landry has been recruited to carry out for the Special Investigations Office will only put the people he cares about in the crosshairs. He’s not willing to lose Emerson again, but with his sister as the latest casualty, he must leverage the weapons research to lure the abductor into the open. Even if it means losing the woman he’s always loved.

The stakes have never been higher. Because if they fail, everything they’ve uncovered about the ambush, the abduction, and each other will destroy them both.

Search and Destroy
Search and Destroy

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Short Excerpt

  Emerson stumbled back, her rifle too heavy. There had to be some mistake. His name sat on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t force her lips to move. She blinked once. Again. Months of grief and anger burned behind her sternum. The scar under her T-shirt caught fire. “No. You’re… I watched you—” The ground shook underneath her as an invisible earthquake rocked her down to bone. “Heber?”
  “Emerson.” His voice slid through her, reaching into places she didn’t think could feel anymore.
  Electricity and adrenaline forged a path through her veins. It was him. Heber was alive. She studied him from head to toe. This wasn’t happening. Any second now, she’d wake up and she’d feel the hole in her heart where he’d been for most of her life. Her brain fought to reconcile the best friend she’d grown up with and the soldier standing in front of her. “You’re the one who stole the schematics from Pelican Labs.”