Search and Pursue

Search and Rescue, Book #4

He’ll jeopardize his career to keep her safe…

After surviving the bombing that took partial use of his leg, search and rescue operative Lucas Rivera has saved dozens of victims from the worst day of their lives. But partnering with Hannah Williams, Blackhawk's far too enticing head of security, to recover her abducted nephew is one investigation guaranteed to push him beyond his physical limitations. As a cold-blooded killer resurfaces from Hannah’s past, Lucas will be forced to discover how far he’s willing to go to pursue this case.

Search and Pursue

"...full of action and it's fast paced and with enough suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time your reading! Nichole sure delivers on this one!"

- Janelle, Goodreads reviewer

Search and Pursue

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Short Excerpt

She wasn’t supposed to be here.
  Hannah Williams tried to ignore the weight of the Glock 22 she’d stolen from the armory and headed for the nearest exit. It was after hours. The only on-site security would be the midnight shift, but while she’d memorized their schedules well enough to avoid coming face-to-face with any of her coworkers, avoiding security wasn’t her only concern. The problem would be the security cameras if anyone had a reason to review tonight’s footage, and she wasn’t about to give them one. In and out. Nobody would notice one weapon missing so long as she replaced it by her next shift.
  Her boots squeaked on the freshly polished floor as she passed the wall emblazoned with an oversized Blackhawk Security logo. The weight of what she’d done punctured through her breathing as a very real reminder of the power Sullivan Bishop and the rest of his team had at their disposal. Personal security, kidnap recovery, private investigating, search and rescue, military connections and contracts. Blackhawk did it all, and they did it well. She closed her eyes, locking down the temptation to turn around and put the gun back. Blackhawk protected their own, but there was a chance once they discovered what she’d taken, they’d use that power to crush her. She loved her job as head of security. She couldn’t lose it.
  But that didn’t compare to what she’d already lost, what she had to get back. She forced herself to keep moving. Nervous energy screamed for her to move faster when she caught sight of the stairwell door leading down into the parking garage. Ten feet and two flights of stairs and she’d be free. She’d have the chance to get her nephew back.
  “I didn’t think you were working tonight, Williams,” he said from behind.